Aaron - Birthdate: July 2008

Aaron is a handsome little boy who loves matchbox cars, superheroes and takes pride in his appearance. Aaron has good manners and enjoys helping with chores around the house. He is a very likeable child with a good sense of humor and a pleasant, sweet demeanor. Aaron also enjoys playing outside, watching Sponge Bob and playing card games, like monopoly. Aaron likes and does best with a consistent and predictable routine, helping him to feel safe and secure in his environment. He is usually very observant and aware of his surroundings.

Aaron is currently in the 4th grade and placed in an alternative school setting. He receives specialized services for his educational and behavioral needs. He is below grade-level and is working to catch-up academically. Aaron sometimes needs help maintaining his focus and managing his frustrations in his school setting. He is learning to use calming techniques to help him cope with his anger, and responds well to rewards for good behavior. Aaron will need ongoing counseling to address the trauma and loss he has experienced and to help him find positive outlets for his feelings.

Aaron has been very stable in his foster family for over two years. A family interested in adopting Aaron must be able to get to know him at his pace and help him maintain important relationships. He would do best in a family with no other children or with older children. Aaron is in need of a patient, loving family who will provide him with unconditional love and help him grow and develop into the best person he can be!

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Sarah Narine or Allison Neumeister, Recruiter
Telephone: (216) 391-6029 or (330) 802-3416
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