My name is Kevisha and I often speak my mind and say what I am thinking. I'm very smart, athletic, and outgoing. I am also caring, loving, and charismatic. I hope to become a singer or dancer when I grow up, and I plan to be a fashion model too! My dream is to attend a college for the arts so I can perfect my skills and talents. However, I have a backup plan too. If I can't get into a college I like, I plan to move to Miami and become a fashion model after graduating from high school.

I have been a cheerleader for the past three years and I've even gone to some local competitions with my squad. I enjoy staying active and busy. I've recently joined an intramural basketball program too. While I love sports, I am all about looking cute! I care about my appearance and I like to look cute! I also really like talking on the phone, watching movies, and talking about boys with my friends!


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