Adoption Subsidies

Adoption Subsidies are financial and service assistance given to the adoptive family to assist with meeting the child’s special needs. Subsidies are available for children with special needs or circumstances who meet the eligibility criteria.

There is a monthly workshop provided free of cost by the agency which reviews current adoption subsidy policy. Informational packets are available at the workshop. Specific information regarding the child and family’s program eligibility will be given by the child’s social worker.

IV-E Adoption Assistance
  • The child meets Special Needs and Circumstances criteria
  • Child is financially eligible
  • No adoptive parent income requirements for eligibility determination
  • Apply prior to finalization
  • Child eligible for Managed Care card & a monthly stipend. Stops at age 18 unless child’s meets eligibility requirements for extension
  • Contact the subsidy unit to answer any questions
  • Reviewed annually
  • Federal, State & County money

  • The child meets Special Needs and Circumstances criteria
  • Child is ineligible for IV-E Adoption Assistance (column 1)
  • Adoptive family income requirements
  • Apply prior to finalization
  • Stops at age 18 unless physical or mental disability.
  • Reviewed annually
  • Maximum state payment for 2017 is $250. County may offer additional money.
  • State & County money

Cuyahoga County Special Services
  • The child meets Special Needs and Circumstances criteria.
  • Family needs financial assistance for identified special services.
  • Child may receive Title IV-E, AA or SAMS in addition to CCSSS.
  • This program is based on availability of funds.
  • Contact the Post Adoption Unit to request services.
  • For Cuyahoga County Adoptions ONLY.
  • County money

Nonrecurring Adoption Expenses
  • The child meets Special Needs and Circumstances criteria.
  • Apply and approve prior to finalization.
  • Covers expenses directly related to the adoption of a special needs child.
  • Non-PCSA or PCPA placements may also be eligible.
  • Maximum reimbursement is $1,000 per child.
  • Federal & State money

  • The child meets Special Needs and Circumstances criteria.
  • Adoptee is eligible after adoption finalization.
  • Provides financial assistance for identified medical or psychological services not covered by any other program.
  • Available to Public, Private and International Adoptions.
  • Apply in the county in which you reside, NOT where you adopted.
  • State money

All adoptive families are given specific information regarding their child and family’s eligibility when the child has been identified and accepted for placement by the adoptive family. All applications for subsidy must be made to the agency (or county) holding permanent custody of the child. In situations involving a PCPA the families are to apply for subsidy in the county in which they reside. Adoptive parents are encouraged to attend a workshop presented by the adoption staff explaining subsidy programs, policies and procedures.