Aiyonte, Ianajda & Jaivyon - Birthdates: April 2008, March 2010, May 2011

Aiyonte, Ianajda and Jaivyon are active and fun-loving children with charisma and curiosities with their hearts full of hopes. Their sibling bond is strong, and they consider each other teammates. They look forward to being with each other and having a family who will support their dreams and passions. All three love sports, riding their bicycles, watching TV shows and playing with video games and Ianajda loves her baby dolls. Aiyonte and Ianajda are the oldest and are protective of each other and their younger brother Jaivyon.

Jaivyon is very energetic and quite outgoing, Aiyonte likes to make jokes and Ianajda loves to draw & can be very friendly with others. These siblings are uniquely talented and are looking forward to sharing their love with their forever family.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Chris Woodall (WOR) or Linda Newsome (PSS worker)
Telephone: (216) 391-6061 or (216) 881-2498
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