Alexis - Birthdate: August 2003

Alexis is a friendly and caring teen. Alexis attends high school and is a very hardworking student. Alexis has a plan to attend college after graduation to become a veterinarian. Alexis loves animals of all kinds but most of all cats. One of Alexis’ favorite things to do is look at funny cat videos. Alexis has interest in volunteering at the local animal shelter near her home and has had some experience with saddling and grooming horses at a ranch.

Other hobbies and interest of Alexis include arts and crafts. Alexis loves to create pretty pictures and decorate things. Alexis loves to get her nails polished pretty and wearing fashionable clothes. Alexis has started to have an interest in cooking. She continues learn new things and skills that would be helpful for her to become more independent.

Family connections are important to Alexis. She continues to maintain a positive relationship with her birth mother, father and other family members and wants to remain in contact with them. Alexis would like a forever family that will provide unconditional love and support so that she can become a successful and productive adult.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Tracy Simpkins or Kirstin Dibbern
Telephone: 216-485-4929 or 216-881-4046
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