Amber - Birthdate: September 2007

Amber is a 12-yr. old who loves to go to church, play with dolls, education puzzles, tablet, and cartoons. She is in aspired to go to college and become a veterinarian. She also enjoys reading books and she has received awards at school for this. She appears shy at first but slowly opens up. Amber attends school regularly; her favorite subject is math. Her favorite past times are skating and movies. She enjoys a variety of music as it calms her down. Her favorite color is purple.

Amber understands adoption but is proceeding with caution. She is in need of a family with an abundance of patience, structure and love. Her family will need to be supportive of therapy. Amber would also like to keep in contact with a few people who have been an important part of her life, her sister, mother, grandfather, and math teacher (Mr. Adams) whom she cares for a lot.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Albertanya Taylor or Maureen Byrdsong-Fritz
Telephone: (216) 391-5887 or (216) 881-4695
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