Anastasia - Birthdate: March 2004

Anastasia is affectionally called Ana by her loved ones and close peers. Ana has a bright and fun-loving personality and likes to laugh and tell jokes. Her favorite jokes are about bodily functions that she and her friends think are hilarious like loud belching and passing gas! Ana is very creative. She likes to write, sing and dance. Ana loves being part of a family and doing things with family such as celebrating birthdays, participating in family game night, and taking pictures. She is also an avid football fan.

Ana has great leadership qualities. She is also a good listener. She is often the one her peers will seek out when they need advice. She is also great at helping her peers calm down when they are mad or thinking of doing wrong. Although, Ana likes to come off tough and strong like a grizzly bear, she has a heart of gold and is sweet like a lamb. Ana is willing to go out of her way most of the time for her peers and family even it means making sacrifices for herself or placing her in trouble if she believes she is helping the person out.

Ana’s big heart isn’t just for humans but animals as well. She loves all animals, except for bugs, and hopes to have a career working with animals in her near future. If Ana cannot have a career working with animals she reports she wants to be hairstylist. Given she made honor roll and merit roll every semester, she will not have a hard time finding a college, vocational or trade school to attend!

She would really like to find a home that will allow her to stay in touch with her three younger brothers whom she adores. Ana looks forward to her visits with her siblings and will need a family that will honor this commitment.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Alia Neal or Laura Fonseca
Telephone: (216) 881-5542 or (216) 881-3565
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