Assistance for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County & Cleveland Municipal Court System
The Domestic Intervention, Education and Training Program (DIET)
Cuyahoga County & Cleveland Municipal Probation
1200 Ontario Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 443-8560

The Domestic Intervention, Education and Training Program (DIET) is operated by the Probation Department with the objective of diverting 300 offenders charged with domestic violence-related offenses to participate in a psychosocial education program in lieu of incarceration. DIET offenders must attend one, two-hour session per week for 16 weeks. Each session, which averages 15 participants, is being led by two qualified staff facilitators who stress one of the eight themes: non-violence, non-threatening behavior, respect, support and trust, accountability and honesty, sexual respect, partnership and negotiation, and fairness.

Program Length - 16 Weeks

Practice Model - Duluth

Must be charged with a domestic violence-related crime. Intervention can be terms of probation or in lieu of incarceration.

CEOGC The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland
Domestic Violence
1801 Superior Avenue Suite 400
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216) 696-9077
Fax: (216) 696-0770

Practicing self-control is vital in relationships and in daily living. The Council’s licensed social workers have studied the Duluth Model Curriculum. The Duluth Model is a constantly evolving philosophy and practice that works to end violence against women. The curriculum we use is called Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter. We are able to walk you through this difficult topic and provide strategies to deal with anger in a non-violent way. This workshop will assist men in resolving conflicts to avoid self-defeating consequences. We realize that domestic violence affects both men and women and impacts the entire family. We are able to provide resources to treat all who are involved. Successful participants will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the workshop.

Practice Model - Duluth

Will take clients up until the third week and do offer make-up sessions. The client will have to wait to begin the next session.

Appointment Required.
No charge for Resident of Cuyahoga County

Program Length - 17 Weeks, 1 day a week
Tuesdays 10am-12pm

Family Counseling Center
Domestic Violence Education and Intervention (DOVE)
26777 Lorain Road, #320
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
Phone: (440) 779-9565

D.O.V.E. Program is a 25-hour Domestic Violence Education and Intervention Program Offered on 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Classes are preceded by a mandatory initial evaluation scheduled Monday through Friday.

Mandatory Evaluation $75-Sessions = $250
Total Cost = $325

Family Counseling Center
Domestic Violence and Aggression Control Program (DVAC)
26777 Lorain Road, #320
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
Phone: (440) 779-9565

D.V.A.C. Program is a 25-hour Domestic Violence and Aggression Control Program
Offered on 4 consecutive Saturdays 8:30 am -3:00 p.m. Classes are preceded by a mandatory initial evaluation scheduled Monday through Friday.

Mandatory Evaluation $75-Sessions = $250
Total Cost = $325

Family Guidance Center
Family Violence Intervention and Prevention Program
Phone: (216) 731-8815
Fax: (216) 731-8816
25000 Euclid Ave., Suite 406
Euclid, OH

Euclid Place (Main office)
Bedford Ellenwood Recreation Center
124 Ellenwood Ave.
Bedford, OH

Family VIP Program is a 12-week intensive two-hour, didactic and skill-building sessions, with 44 extensive homework assignments designed to demonstrate the client's ability to grasp materials taught in class and apply them to their life situation. Each client completes a pre-test, posttest, and intense, in-depth intake and comprehensive final examination. Groups are open to all adult family member; each group includes invited victims. Abusers attend different groups from their victims unless there is no safety risk to joint attendance. The treatment, its theoretical and empirical foundations, and research evaluations are presented by Steven Stosny, Ph.D.’s book, Treating Attachment Abuse: A Compassionate Approach. This program has an 86% success rate for ending physical abuse, and a 73% success rate for stopping verbal and emotional abuse. Dr. Stosny’s approach, called HEALS, is a 5-step emotional regulation technique which trains clients to look within to regulate emotions. This internal focus makes them feel far more powerful than blaming their internal experience on loved ones. Clients learn to identify, validate, and change the core vulnerable feelings that trigger anger.

12 Week Program-Referral form is on the website.
Thursdays 6-8pmSaturdays Fall through Winter.

Able Counseling & Associates
Anger & Domestic Violence
850 Euclid Ave.#425 (Downtown)
14100 Cedar Rd. #290 (University)
Phone: 216-291-8817 or 216-337-5842
Fax: 216-291-8827

Domestic Violence-8 week program. The purpose of the DV program is to educate the participant about problems of Domestic Violence especially as it elates to domestic assault on women and children; they seek to reduce violence as well as create the safest environment for families. Able Counseling employs counseling approach and some aspects of Duluth Model in addressing Domestic Violence. Anger Management Classes also offered

Monday: 10.00 AM ( Anger & Domestic Violence Classes) – University
Saturdays 2:00 PM (Anger & Domestic Violence Classes) - University
Tuesdays: 10:00 AM ( Anger & Domestic Violence Classes)
May be covered by insurance or $30 a session.

Anger Management Healthy Relationships
3737 Lander Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44124

Anger Management – provides parents with the tools to better manage their anger, not only as it relates to their children, but also day-to-day stress triggers. Anger management is also taught to children and teens.

9 week program - Intake Monday-Thursday 9:30am-3:30pm
Classes are offered three days a week Mon-7-9pm, Wed. 1:30-3:30, Fri. 10-12pm
Healthy Relationships & Domestic Violence-Offered quarterly on Saturdays

Lorain County

Genesis House
"MAP" Mens Anti- Violence Program
Intake Evaluation with Meg Mcintyre at Genesis House 
3575 Elyria Avenue
Lorain, Ohio
(440) 233-4114

Classes are held at Mercy Hospital
3700 Kolbe Road
Lorain, Ohio

"MAP" Mens Anti-Violence Program, modeled after the Duluth Evidence-Based Model. Taught by one male and one female facilitator. If the client has an active open criminal case, they do not qualify for the program. This program cannot be used as a plea bargain down to a lesser offense.

Open Groups. Can start at any time.
Thursdays 10:45am
Mondays 2:15pm
Program Length - 26 Weeks
Practice Model - Duluth
Mandatory Evaluation $0
Sessions= $20 each
Total Cost= $520