Chenille - Birthdate: January 2005

Chenille has inviting eyes, usually hidden by the frames of her glasses. Chenille likes to consider herself as a girly-girl - “diva”. She is very particular about her fashion and prefers to wear colorful and glitterly clothing. She prides herself on her appearance and making sure her hair is just right. Chenille is very upbeat, happy, and loves to sing and do creative art, but coloring will suffice with her artistic nature.

She responds well to redirection and is understanding of being placed in timeout when her behavior is inappropriate. Chenille does well with a consistent daily routine of breakfast, school, family time or play time, homework, dinner, and bedtime, but also enjoys the occasional surprises and experiencing new things. Chenille is also very tech oriented. She is interconnected with some bio-family and friend via social media applications and these would need to be monitored.

Chenille at times struggles with peer relations but she is friendly and can develop relationships. Chenille prefers to play by herself with others around her. Chenille is an 8th grade honor student and loves the academia of school.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Shawn Green
Telephone: (216) 881-2658
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