Chosen Affirming Family

girl leaning against brick wallLGBTQ youth who have experienced abuse, neglect, and/or rejection need committed affirming relationships to achieve positive lifelong outcomes. The Chosen Affirming Family program utilizes family acceptance work with biological family members, conducts family finding on behalf of youth, and helps youth to achieve emotional and legal permanency with their lifelong permanent family. This intervention is used to keep children in their families of origin, return them home when safely able or develop alternative permanency arrangements with other affirming parents/caregivers.


  • Works with parents/caregivers and youth to repair relationships
  • Provides a sensitive and hands-on intervention to support parents and caregivers in becoming more accepting which will increase their youth’s positive emotional development
  • Works to reduce the family stress in the home
  • Supports parents who are grieving and fearful about their youth’s diverse SOGIE
  • Provides education on the benefits of being accepting and the importance of correct terminology
  • Shares research on the importance of family acceptance  


Efforts to locate and engage as many family members and significant adults as possible for the youth (At least 40 relatives).  Steps include: 
  • Discovering relatives through records searches, interviews, etc. 
  • Contacting and engaging relatives
  • Supporting connections through family meetings
  • Supporting the connection by helping family identify needed resources and services to stay together
  • Sustaining permanence