Daelin - Birthdate: January 2010

Daelin is an outgoing, helpful, and loving child. Daelin can be shy when around strangers, but is full of personality and humor once he gets to know you. Daelin is very independent young man and enjoys doing things for himself, such as making breakfast.

Daelin attends fourth grade and enjoys school. His favorite subjects are math, because he likes numbers and excels in this subject, and reading, as he has been enjoying reading chapter books. He has no trouble making friends and gets along great with his peer group.

In Daelin's free time, he enjoys being active. He can be found playing outside, particularly soccer and football. He aspires to become a professional football player in the future. Daelin interacts well with other children and has a great team ethic. When not playing outside, he enjoys action video games, playing on the computer, reading, and watching animated movies in his free time. He spends a lot of time at the library and always has a stack of books to read at home.

Daelin is an extremely loving child. Some of his strengths include his positive attitude, openness to new things and experiences, and his ability to make things fun!

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Kera Korzekwa or Rosalind Hampton
Telephone: (216) 881-5779 or (216) 881-4081
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