Dashanay and Dashyla - Birthdate: February 2004, February 2008

Dashanay and Dashyla are a joy to have around. They are active children who love to sing and listen to music. Dashanay is the oldest sibling and has a bond with her younger sister Dashyla. Dashanay loves school and does very well in her school work. She often helps her sister Dashyla with her homework.

Dashanay play softball, loves to dance, and her favorite school subject is Math. She plans to attend college after high school and she would like to attend school to become a pediatrician. In Dashanay spear time she enjoys doing her hair and nails. Dashyla enjoys going for walks, having picnic outside, reading, and her favorite sport is soccer. Dashyla wants to be an actor and has a desire to become a detective when she gets older.

Dashanay and Dashyla are both kind hearted children who are looking forward to good and positive life ahead. They both love going to church and taking part in the activities that are available for children.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Mi-Lin Tate or Lisa Baker
Telephone: (216) 881-5519 or (216) 881-4703
  photos of two sisters

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