Financial Resources

American Legion of Ohio
Information: American Legion of Ohio offers a Temporary Financial Assistance program that provides maintenance grants to assist with basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing and utilities.
  American Red Cross
Information: The American Red Cross provides service members and their families with emergency aid, including food, clothing, temporary lodging and utilities. The American Red Cross Emergency Communications Center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
County Veterans Service Officers (CVSO)  
Information: CVSOs work one-on-one with veterans to provide financial assistance and other resources. CVSOs also routinely refer veterans to nonprofit organizations, local government agencies and community services.
  Helping Heroes Home
Information: Helping Heroes Home provides emergency funds to returning veterans to assist with cell phone and internet service.
Military Injury Relief Fund (MIRF)
888-296-7541 (option 5)
Information: The Military Injury Relief Fund grants a single payment to service members injured while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation New Dawn.
  Ohio Veterans Bonus Program
Information: The Ohio Veterans Bonus Program provides a monetary bonus for eligible veterans who served during the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts.
Operation First Response (OFR)
Information: Operation First Response provides financial aid to injured service members and veterans. Aid may include funds for rent, vehicle payments, utilities, groceries, clothing and travel expenses to medical facilities.
  Operation Homefront (OH)
Information: Operation Homefront provides emergency financial aid and other assistance, including emergency food, repairs, critical baby items, furniture and local moving assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors. Assistance is paid directly to creditors and service providers.
Tax Exemptions
Information: The Ohio Department of Taxation offers many tax exemptions for veterans. For instance, the Ohio Veterans Bonus, which is awarded to veterans who served during the time of the first Persian Gulf War or during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, is not subject to either federal or state income tax. Military Retirement Pay is also exempt from state taxes.
  USA Cares
Information: USA Cares is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance at no cost to eligible veterans. USA Cares offers various services including, emergency housing and employment assistance. USA Cares also offers educational resources to veterans and their family members.