Foster Home Childcare

The Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) assists approved agency licensed foster parents with paying for daycare services for children in custody. It is an expectation that all children 4 and up in DCFS custody be enrolled in a pre-school program to help enhance their educational skills while in the care of DCFS. When possible caregivers should utilize Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) programs. Agency licensed foster parents who work full-time outside the home or are full time students may request day care services for five (5) days per week in accordance with their work/school schedule. Caregivers who work part-time or are stay at home caregivers may request services for three (3) days per week. If a caregiver is in need of more daycare service than listed above permission must be obtained from the Senior Manager for that area.


Process for DCFS Licensed Foster Homes to Access Day Care Services.

a. If the foster parent (FP) works full time outside of the home or attends school full time they will be eligible for assistance with the cost of day care services for 5 days of day care a week.

b. If the FP works part time outside of the home they are eligible for assistance with the cost of day care services for 3 days a week.

c. If the FP do not work outside of the home they are eligible for day care reimbursement for day care 3 days a week

d. DCFS licensed FP may access information regarding day care services by contacting Starting Point at (216) 575-0061. Foster Parents should be encouraged to use SUTQ day care provider.

e. The FP must use a County/State licensed day care provider.

f. The FP contacts the day care provider to determine if there is availability of day care slots for the child/ren placed in the home.

g. The FP and day care provider follow the procedures required to secure day care enrollment. The FP resource manager assists families and provider through the procedures.

h. The RM assists FP with all necessary steps to enroll the child/ren in day care.

i. The Day Care Providers are reimbursed up to the following dollar amounts based on their published rates:

Age Group  Average Full Time Weekly Rate  Average Rate for Part time ( 3 days a week)  Daily Reimbursement Rate 
Infant,0-17 months     Up to $208.91  Up to $125.35  Up to $41.78 
Toddler, 18-35 months  Up to $189.37  Up to $113.62  Up to $37.87 
3-5 year old, but not yet in Kindergarten  Up to $168.40  Up to $101.04  Up to $33.68 
5 year old and older and in school  Up to $139.20  Up to $83.52  Up to $27.84 


If the day care charges are equal to the dollar amount allowed, the provider will receive that dollar amount. If the charges are under allowable maximum amount the provider will be reimburse the amount charged. At no time will any provider be paid more than their published day care rate based on the age of the child/ren.

k. The Day Care Provider submits an invoice to the agency within 30 days of service.

l. If there are extenuating circumstances that the FP needs to or would like to use a day care provider other than a SUTQ provider, they must contact their resource manager (RM). The RM must put in writing why they would like to use this specific day care provider. This documentation will be reviewed by the Senior Manager and a determination will be made if an exception can be granted.

m. If a minor mother is in the custody of DCFS and is placed in an agency licensed foster home, the minor mother is eligible for day care funds through the kinship day care provision of this policy.

n. Children in DCFS custody placed out of state in the home of a relative who is also a licensed foster parent are eligible to participate in this program assuming the foster parent can find a caregiver willing to bill DCFS.

 o. This service can also be used for minor mothers to cover the cost of day care for their minor children while the mother is in DCFS custody.