Heaven - Birthdate: August 2002

Heaven is a teenager who loves drawing and art. She aspires to go to college and one day be a manager of an art company. She also enjoys reading books, and brags about the numerous books she has read. She appears shy at first but slowly opens up. Heaven is in honor classes and her favorite subject is reading. Her favorite past times are skating and swimming. Super Bass, by Nicki Minaj is her all time favorite song and favorite rapper. Her favorite colors are purple and black. Her favorite food is Ramen noodles.

Heaven understands adoption, but is proceeding with caution. She is in need of a family with an abundance of patience, structure and love. Her family will need to be supportive of therapy. Heaven would also like to keep in contact with a few people who have been an important part of her life, her brother and adoptive dad whom she cares for a lot.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Albertanya Haynes or Patrina Hollowell-Martin
Telephone: (216) 391-5887 or (216) 881-4664
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