Iciss - Birthdate: March 2003

Iciss is a charming, energetic and intelligent young woman. She has a loving personality. She can be very talkative if the subject matter is of interest to her. She is your typical teenager in most aspects. Hence, she hates to be told what to do and doing her chores. However, Iciss can easily be redirected.

Iciss enjoys social media, watching movies, engaging in outside activities and signing. Iciss is interested in attending college and aspires to teach hearing impaired individuals and children with disabilities. She is doing well in school this year. She has made the honor roll. Iciss likes to attend school and is very well liked by her peers and teachers.

Iciss is in need of a family that can provide a stable, loving, structured home that is very active. Iciss has a strong attachment to her case manager and will need a family that will be open to her having contact with them. She would benefit from being the only child in a home. Iciss is very helpful and enjoys positive reinforcement. Iciss would be a great addition to your family. Can you be her forever family?

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Jennifer Brown
Telephone: (216) 881-4871
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