Jaynell - Birthdate: November 2004

Jaynell yearns for the care and nurture of a loving adult family. He is a sweet young man and has a great sense of humor. Jaynell’s favorite past times are drawing and playing with legos. He is an excellent artist, and his drawing skills are incredibly advanced. Jaynell is an 8th grader and does well academically in all subjects. He is a well spoken young man with a kind spirit. Jaynell is a very active young man who loves to play. His favorite sports are basketball and football, but he enjoys any competitive sports. This young man likes being outdoors, especially during the warm summer months. Jaynell has experienced a lot of loss in his life. He would flourish with a family who can continue to support him with his emotions and communicate his feelings. Jaynell is in need of a family with patience and unconditional love, who will allow him to have contact with his older sibling. Jaynell very much wants to be adopted, and cannot wait to have a forever family.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Tanya Spraggins
Telephone: (216) 561-5429
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