Jeannie - Birthdate: August 2004

Birthdate: September 2004

Jeannie is an extraordinary 15 year old, with courage, creativity and enthusiasm, who is looking for a forever home. She will thrive in an environment that offers structure, encouragement and stability.

She enjoys singing, so give her a microphone and let her sing her heart out. If you want to see some beautiful art, give her a coloring book and she will be lost in vibrant colors. Or spend some time with her outside and let her explore nature and the beauty of the world.

Cover her in her favorite color, pink and let her cozy up to a stuffed animal and she will feel content.

For more information on Jeannie, please contact:

Alisha Eppinger or Sandra Perciak at
(216) 881-5915 or (216) 881-4055

Please visit for more information about Jeannie:

AUK # ZH187493864




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