Johnny T - Birthdate: March 2003

“I spy with my little eye”...Johnny enjoys reading and he has a couple of favorite series of books. CHERUB and Alex Rider are a series of young adult spy novels that are Johnny’s favorites. Reading spy novels is but one of the activities Johnny enjoys. He likes to play basketball and his favorite team is the Golden State Warriors. If he could be a successful professional athlete, Johnny would like to be a boxer.

Johnny does well in school and his favorite subject is history. He also likes math.

Johnny loves to draw and he is a talented artist. He likes listening to music, and the rap group Migos is his favorite. Johnny likes playing video games and the board game Monopoly. Something Johnny would like to share with his forever family is his skill in the kitchen. He likes to prepare breakfast and for lunch and dinner, he has various dishes he can prepare. Two favorites he prepares are chicken and hamburgers. His favorite food is pizza rolls.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Simon Moldaver or Laura Koski
Telephone: (216) 881-5506 or (216) 881-5535
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