Jordan - Birthdate: August 2003

Jordan is a very intelligent, friendly and outgoing high school student. Jordan enjoys school and performs well academically.

In the classroom, Jordan is very inquisitive and likes to ensure he has a good understanding of the curriculum. Jordan has aspirations of attending Yale University and to pursue a career in Engineering. 

Jordan is able to establish and maintain positive peer relationships. He has a good sense of humor and enjoys spending time with friends. Jordan take pleasure in being helpful and is always willing to offer a helping hand. Jordan enjoys sports, and has participated in both basketball and football. Jordan also really likes to play video games and board games. 

Jordan often reads and journals, as it has been helpful with his emotional growth.

Jordan values family and it is important to him to remain connected with his relatives. Jordan needs a loving, patient, stable and supportive home with a lot of structure and that can help him learn skills to become a successful adult.

Are you the family for him?

Chareasa Pitts or Lisa Baker:
(216) 881-4572 or (216) 881-4703

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Jordan: AUK # ZH187434159



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