Liaija & Jonyce - Birthdate: July 2002 & May 2008

Liaija is outgoing, affectionate and talkative with those she trusts, but can also be introverted. She likes to read, sing, dance and has become very skilled at throwing shot -put and javelin with her local AAU track team. Liaija has jump-started high school committees to help incoming freshmen feel comfortable. “When I got to high school, I just wanted to feel normal. Not like a foster kid but just Liaija”. Liaija is currently gearing up for her senior year of high school and college where she plans to major in Psychology, specifically child behaviors.

Joynce is very talkative and loveable. She loves to eat candy for any meal and as a snack. She has gotten straight A’s from grades 2nd- 6th. Joynce has participated on the same AAU team as her sister, participating in javelin and 4x4 relay. “I enjoy it especially when my coach brings my favorite snack, but it gets really hot”. Joynce is coming into her own, she’s working on coming out her shell and not being afraid to be unique. Are you the family for them?

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: LaShawn Robinson (WOR) or Shannon Carleton
Telephone: (216) 391-5967 or (216) 881-2829


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