Mariya - Birthdate: August 2007

Meet Mariya, a beautiful young lady with lots of dreams and aspirations. She is currently in the 5th grade. In the future she would like to become a teacher or a social worker. Mariya responds to her happiness through hugs, planning for her future, and compliments. Mariya does well in school and enjoys journaling her feelings. Mariya also loves horses, music, dancing, and crafting.

Mariya is very bonded with her siblings and would benefit from a family who would allow her to keep contact with them. A family who is patient, kind, and able to provide unconditional love would be the ideal home for Mariya.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Amy Norris or Catrice Sims
Telephone: 216-881-4438 or 216-881-4991
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