Finding Help with Medical Services for You and the Children in Your Care

Raising children is expensive. No matter how much you love the children in your care, you have to be practical. Before the children came to live with you, you probably had a budget that met your needs (or, at least, almost did). Now it may be strained to the breaking point. This section looks at government programs that may help you provide for the children in your care.

Healthy Start Medicaid

Children's Health Insurance
  • Healthy Start provides free health insurance for children of low to moderate-income families with children up to age 19.
  • Pregnant women and parents also are eligible to apply for health insurance. Eligibility is determined by family size and income.
  • Children enrolled in Healthy Start receive care through a Managed Care Plan (MCP). The MCP provides a number of health care services, including: well-child checkups and immunizations, dental care and treatment, vision care and eyeglasses, prescribed medicine, hospitalization and emergency care. Pregnant women receive prenatal and postnatal services.
  • The customer has the choice of selecting which plan they want, based on their own priorities for doctors, hospitals and convenient locations.

It is important to have “Medical Home” – this helps with preventing illnesses. It means taking one’s child to the same doctor for regular checkups, immunizations, sick visits throughout the year. It also means having access to your child’s records in one location.

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Presumptive Eligibility

Woman and BabyThe Presumptive Eligibility program is available for children younger than 19, pregnant women, parents or caretaker relatives living with children under 18, and adults ages 19 to 64.The program allows for temporary enrollment in Medicaid while an application for Medicaid is being processed. No application is required for Presumptive Eligibility. Eligibility is determined through the county department of job and family services or qualified entity in your county.

All Medicaid services are covered for children, parents or caretaker relatives, and adults ages 19 to 64. Only ambulatory prenatal care services are covered for pregnant women (for example, doctor visits and prescription drugs). Inpatient hospital stays and labor and delivery are not covered in the Presumptive Eligibility program for pregnant women. If you have questions, call the Medicaid Consumer Hotline at 1-800-324-8680.

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Medicare is a federal health insurance program for those 65 years or older and some people with disabilities under the age of 65. To apply for Medicare, or to obtain more information, please contact your local Social Security office.

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