​Will and Jenni Gibson

The Gibsons

Will and Jennifer Gibson go above and beyond in three meaningful ways for the 3 sibling boys who are placed in their foster home as well as the boys birth parents.

They bought a bigger van to transport all 3 boys plus their own 3 children so they did not have to continue to take two cars everywhere they went with all the children. In addition, the 3 boys have numerous medical appointments and Jenni keeps everyone ready and on time for each appointment. Finally, since the boys’ parents couldn’t take them to a Christmas party, the Gibsons picked up the boys during an extended visit and got them to the party.

The Gibsons are strong advocates for the goals of co-parenting and reunification. Jenni is very detail oriented and always provides the bio-parents with written information about the appointments. She stays in touch with the bio-mother and texts her almost daily with updates in regards to the boys. However, they also don’t hesitate to provide feedback if they think something needs to change or if the bio parents aren’t doing what they are supposed to.

Finally, the Gibsons realize that the key to any relationship is based on communication and will send words of encouragement via text to biological mother about doing whatever the county asks her to do to get her children back. They will answer any of bio-mother’s questions about the boys and provide pictures via text to bio-parents so they don’t miss out on special moments.