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Message from Director

Last Thursday, October 20th, I presented an update on the recommendations made by last year’s Practice Improvement and Implementation Panel to the members of the panel and to the public. The event was held at the West Side Community House. You may have seen the article in The Plain Dealer,

I’ve attached the power point presentation from that event, which I hope you will take the time to review. In it I outline all the good work you have done over the past year to turn recommendations into actions. I explain the progress of the Panel’s 3 work groups, which reviewed Team Decision Making (TDM), Reunification, and Services & Supports, and I provide a preview of our continuing work.

I have also attached the presentation by David Crampton, PhD, the Panel’s Chairman and our valued partner. He reviewed the charge and operation of the Panel and emphasized the distinction between safety and risk.

I hope you’ll join me in a strong commitment to continue to implement the recommendations of the Panel, to monitor their impact, and to maintain our focus on the safety of the children in our community. I’m grateful for all you have done over the past year and for your continued efforts.