Natalia - Birthdate: January 2017

Natalia is a happy, alert and engaging child. She loves to be visually stimulated and can maintain eye contact. She loves to roll on the floor but due to her medical limitations, she is only allowed to roll for a limited time. When Natalia is not being fed or sleeping, she spends most of her time playing in her activity saucer or bouncer. She has made great stride in her upper body strength and she is not afraid to show of her newly found strength.

Bath time is another highlight of Natalia’s day since she loves to splash water and blow bubbles. Natalia also loves to shake her body to some good music and you can see a tiny smile peeking through when she’s really grooving. She also loves to play with her little bitty pink towel by throwing it as far as it will go and repeating once the towel is returned to her.

Due to our little princess’s many medical needs, she has frequent doctor, specialist, clinic, and hospital visits. Natalia’s forever family needs to provide her with a germ, dust, allergen free environment due to her compromised immune system as well as being open to 24 hours in-home nursing care.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Grace Emmanuel or Maureen Fritz-Byrdsong
Telephone: 216-881-3013 or 216-881-4695
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