Neighborhood Resources

Many of our Neighborhood Collaborative partners have services and resources in your community. Programs may change based on availability of resources and staff. Please check back often for updates.

University Settlement 
4800 Broadway Avenue 
Cleveland, Oh 44127 
(216) 641-8948

Family Services

Family visitations for DCFS-involved families 
Care packages 
Emergency material assistance for clients, as applicable and eligible 
Online parent groups 
Online fatherhood groups 
Support, case management and linkages to Fathers & Families 
Housing support for current housing-only clients

Youth Services

Daily wellness calls to SmartY’S families to assess basic and academic needs are 
Food bags and academic activity bags dropped off to neighborhood families 
Linkages & referrals to other resources 
Current organizing virtual “afterschool classrooms”

Hunger Center

The Pantry remains available Monday through Friday, 11:30 am – 2:00 pm

Senior and Adult Wellness Services

Home delivered meals to seniors and adults with disabilities, Monday through Thursday 
Friday Food Bag delivery 
Daily Wellness calls, including linkages & referrals to other sources as applicable 
Dropping off home DIY activity kits 
Setting up teleconference activities to promote shared socialization during isolation period

Prepared by Dr. Sheila A. Ferguson, LPCC, 216 -785-3364 
Contact information:; 216- 361-1244/216 -785-3364 Fatima Center 216-391-0505

During this Pandemic Interval, the Catholic Charities Corporations Fatima Family Center/Hough Collaborative CBS Program site is doing its best to keep its staff, patrons and community safe.

Direct Services Provision

  1. The Fatima Family Center is making supplemental food provisions and sanitation supplies where available to families in need. We are particularly sensitive to those families working to feed their children at home during the school day
  2. Contacting each agency program (Child, Adolescent, Senior and CBS-Family Services) participant(s) daily to reduce the potentials for illness, social isolation, fear, anxiety, and risks of emotional breakdown and suicide
  3. Working with our clients, area merchants and safety forces to prospect for Hough Area families, friends, and neighbors at risk and in need of assistance
  4. Disseminating CDC, Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals of Cleveland verified COVID-19 informational updates and helpful hints to help area families stay safe and reduce the spread of disease.
  5. CBS required TDM/Staffing participation continues. Note on the late afternoon of 3/18/20 the Fatima Hough team switched from face-to-face-TDM attendance to telephonic participation using the facilitation suite telephone directory provided by Chief Howard.
  6. We continue to receive and follow-up on all referrals via the Fatima CBS program website:
  7. Daily NCIS documentation and entry of notes and contacts are recorded daily
  8. Use of the CCC-system’s resource linkages to secure up to the minute sheltering anfood resource availability in metro Cleveland.
  9. Continuing the CBS-Program Mandates for hosting onsite Visitations. While hosting visits we are observing the following COVID-19 Prevention and mitigation strategies to include: 

    COVID19 Coronavirus Prevention 
    • Clean hands at the door and at regular intervals 
    • Create habits and reminders to avoid touching their face and cover coughs and sneezes 
    • Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, and handrails regularly/ and prior and after each visit 
    • Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting the air conditioning 
    • Socially Distance, sit and stand 6 feet from others when possible Additional Staff Precautions include:
  10. Staff temperatures are being taken digitally at entry and exit of the workday.
  11. Staff is asked to stay at home when ill and not return to duty until they are fully recovered.

St. Martin De Porres Family Center 
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland 
1264 East 123rd Street|Cleveland, OH 44108|Ph: 216.268.2095|Fax: 216.268.0207|/] 

Home–Delivered Meal Program - Seniors 60 and older (only serving the following zip codes; 44108, 44106, 44110, and 44112). – Applicant must meet the Federal Income Guidelines. Must call to register by phone at (216) 268 – 3909 (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm).

Food Pantry Program – Open the 3rd Tuesday and Wednesday each month from 9am- 12pm (only serving the following zip codes; 44108, 44106, 44110, and 44112). For food emergencies families can contact The Greater Cleveland Food Bank at 216 738-2067.

Parma Family Collaborative 
Parma City School District 
5210 Loya Parkway Parma, OH 44134 (440) 887-4873

The Parma Family Collaborative is working with the Hunger Network of Cleveland to provide food to our Community. We have fresh produce, milk, and occasionally prepared foods. We are also offering non-perishable food. The offerings vary daily. We are also providing books and “busy bags” (crafts, crayons, pencils, paper, etc.) to families. We have reduced our office hours to 10-4 daily, but we will remain open for any visit that is scheduled. Our Clothing Center is closed for the time being, and we are not accepting donations of any kind. We post updates on our FaceBook and Website.