Foster/Adoptive Caregiver Preservice Training Virtual Training Guide

Online Courses are temporary during this COVID-19 Crisis.

Cuyahoga County children need your help! We currently have the highest number of children in custody waiting for adoption or placement in a foster home in years.

To address this need, we are creating an online option for potential Foster/Adoptive Caregivers to complete their initial Preservice Training online. Now is a great time to begin this training from the comfort of your own home and take the first step in helping to support a child in your community. To learn more about these training visit or call the Foster/Adoptive Recruitment Department at (216) 881-5775.

Steps to Register for the Virtual Online Training:

  1. Contact the Foster/Adoption Recruitment Department at the Cuyahoga County Division of Children & Family Services (DCFS) at (216) 881-5775 if you are interested learning more about the process or to register for classes. Staff will also mail you an application packet which will need to be submit to our agency in order to initiate your Home Study.

    ***Please note these virtual classes are offered by the State of Ohio and are only intended for those individuals applying to become a Foster/Adoptive Caregiver with a Child Protection Agency.
  2. The training consists of Virtual Instructor Lead Trainings (ILT) and classes offered thru the online Foster Parent College (FPC). A list of the required trainings and where they are offered is located on the state website:
  3. Once you’ve registered to participate in the training with Cuyahoga County, you will also need to register online for each individual class. Registration for the Virtual Instructor Lead Trainings (ILT) is located at Registration for classes with the Foster Parent College (FPC) is locate at
  4. Contact the DCFS Recruitment Department once you are ready to submit your application packet. Once the application is received you will be assigned a Home Study Worker.
  5. Applicants needing to make up a training session can access this information at or call (216) 881-5775.

Missed Session Rubric

Online Preservice Module Descriptions