Online Training

Online TrainingAre you interested in earning training credit hours in the convenience of your own home? With the Resource Management department approval, you can earn training credits on-line. You must follow our agency’s policy on the number of hours you can earn so please contact Eddie Lebron to find out the Guidelines established by our agency.

What is is an on-line training program for foster, adoptive, kinship, and birth families. These interactive courses provide valuable information, insights, and advice from experts on dealing with serious child behavior problems.

There are two types of on-line courses that are available:
  1. Instructor Led - these courses are more in-depth and allows for interaction between on-line participants and the instructor. The length of this course is several hours over the period of 3 weeks. Completion of this course is worth (six) training hours. During these workshops participants will use a discussion board and at the end they will complete a questionnaire, complete assigned exercises and email their completed assignment. (Not all counties can participate in this course)
  2. Self-Directed - these courses are focused on a specific behavioral problem or emotional disorder. Self-Directed means that participants can complete the activities at their own pace as long as it is completed within 30 days. The length of a session will take about two hours and will provide two hours of training credit. The discussion board is optional in this course.

Where can I get more information?
Please contact Nefertiti McKinney at (216) 881-4048 to register or if you have any questions. At this time Training Units are assigned on a first come first serve basis, and is subject to change after review of the response to this program.