Parole / Post Release Control

If you did not come out of prison on “straight release,” then you were probably told you had to report to a parole officer. You would have received a Parole or Post Release Control Certificate informing you of who your parole officer is and where you should report. Within the Cleveland region, the following agency is responsible for investigation and supervision services. They are responsible for people on parole — which means release from prison before your sentence expires — and those on post release control — which means supervision after your sentence is over. Post release control can only be mandated for crimes committed after July 1, 1996. You are responsible for reporting to your parole officer according to the conditions of your supervision. This includes letting your parole officer know of a change in employment or where you live. If you want to move out of Cuyahoga County, you will have to discuss the transfer request with your parole officer before you move. The county that you want to move to has to approve the transfer.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Adult Parole Authority - Cleveland Region
615 W Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113