Post Adoption Services

Adult Adoptee Requests for Non Identifying Information, including any adoption that occurred through this agency dating back to 1930 is housed at DCFS.

An adoptee can request what’s called Non Identifying Information.

Residents can also search for siblings or any family members who have been adopted.

Post Finalization

Finalization is a court hearing which grants the adoptive parent(s) full rights and responsibilities as the “legal” parent of the child(ren). Following finalization, the agency is no longer required to provide case management services to the child or family. After the court hearing, the child and family’s cases are closed. However, the agency continues to be available to provide services such as crisis intervention, additional information, and training/education or may make referrals to community agencies to provide services. Post finalization services are available at any time the adoptive parents or adoptee requests assistance. Adoptive families are encouraged to continue to attend ongoing training, monthly cluster meetings and adoptive parent support groups. There are no costs for any services provided directly by CCDCFS.

Adoptive Parent Support Group

The Adoptive Parent Support Group meets monthly and is open to all adoptive families before, during and after adoptive placement. The support group hosts recreational events, training, speakers and serves to answer questions and concerns of adoptive parents and children. Adoptive families who receive some form of adoption subsidy are required to complete an annual redetermination process. Failure to do so can result in termination of subsidy.

Adopting another Child

Families can adopt more than once!!! An adoptive family may reapply to adopt as soon as the current placement is finalized. Should a sibling of the current child become available, the family may apply to adopt that child prior to finalization. A family who has finalized the adoption of a child within the previous two years may simply update their approval by submitting a new application to the agency. The Adoption Assessor follows the guidelines for an “update”. An interview(s) is conducted to assess the adjustment of previously adopted children and the family and the potential impact of a subsequent adoption on the family system. If significant time has passed since the original approval, the adoptive parent(s) may be required to complete another criminal records check, provide current documentation, complete additional training or meet other requirements due to policy changes or revisions which occurred since the original approval. Subsequent adoption must follow the agency procedures for assessment, identification/selection, pre-placement, subsidy, post-placement and post-finalization services.

For further information, please contact Andrea Ginter with the Post Adoption/Subsidies Unit at 216-881-4090 or