What is ReadyNotify?
  • ReadyNotify is a mass notification system used by Cuyahoga County and participating municipalities to issue emergency notifications to the public.
  • ReadyNotify is primarily used for emergency notifications when rapid and accurate information is essential for your immediate safety; however you may choose to be notified of general Cuyahoga County Government News as well.

What Type of Notifications Will I receive?
  • You can expect to receive notifications about:
    • Emergency Events
    • Cuyahoga County Building Closures
    • Cuyahoga County Government News
    • Water Boil Alerts
    • Safety Messages
    • Other Information

What type of information is required to register?
  • Participation in the ReadyNotify Program is voluntary. A valid email and phone number will be needed to sign-up. During the registration process we will ask you to give us information about yourself such as your address, your primary language, and if you require any special assistance during an emergency event. Only information indicated with a star * is required.

How Will I Receive Messages?
  • When you sign-up in the system, you will receive emails as well as have the opportunity to choose how you want to receive additional messages. Additional messages can be delivered in the following ways:
    • Cell Phone
    • Home Phone
    • Work Phone
    • SMS/Text Messaging
    • Fax

How do I register?
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