Shanae - Birthdate: January 2003

Shanae is a very independent thinker who values others’ input when she seeks it out. Shanae forms friendships very quickly, however she can hold a grudge and most of her friends are not able to overcome her unpredictability. She has friends today and gone tomorrow. She aspires to become a cosmologist. In fact, she has already identified a highly ranked program in California that she is dying to attend.

When she is not dreaming of her future career, she enjoys expressing herself through song and dance. Lots of teenagers love to sing and dance however, Shanae has the real talent! She gained admission to her competitive performing arts high school and has performed in many dancing and singing showcases. Shanae plans to attend college after graduation.

A permanent family for Shanae needs to support her future dreams and keep her involved in community activities such as dancing and singing. Lots of patience is required for Shanae as she prefers being by herself vs. being involved in family activities. A family willing to dedicate the time to getting to know Shanae, respecting her need for alone time while engaging her to be an active member of the family is ideal. With the love and support of a family, Shanae’s potential knows no bounds!

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Mary Blinas or Aaliyah Reese
Telephone: (216) 635-3858 or (216) 881-4697

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