Speakers Bureau

What is the Speakers Bureau?

The Speakers Bureau is a group of experienced staff trained to inform, educate, and engage the citizens of Cuyahoga County in regards to child abuse and neglect, how the child welfare works, mandated reporting requirements, dispelling myths, and ways citizens can help.

All presentations are free of charge. Speakers Bureau presenters have spoken to medical professionals, teachers, child care staff, parent groups, volunteer groups, and more.

Requests for a speaker can be made via the online request form at the bottom of this page or by emailing Kristin Gardner at kristin.gardner@jfs.ohio.gov

Purpose of the Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau exists to present the message and work of the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services in a positive, appropriate, and professional manner.

Meet the Speakers:

Andrenée Fant-Priest

Andrenée Fant-Priest

Senior Training Officer, Department of Professional Development and Learning

Mrs. Andrenée Fant-Priest is a graduate of Cleveland State University majoring in Psychology and Sociology.  She has also completed graduate level coursework in Community Health Education.  She has been employed by the Cuyahoga County Division of Children & Family Services since 1997.  Mrs. Fant-Priest began her career at CCDCFS as an Social Service Case Worker, she then spent 10 years working in the Interstate Compact Placement of Children Unit.  She is a certified adoption assessor.  Mrs. Fant-Priest is currently a Senior Training Officer in the Department of Professional Development and Learning.  In this capacity, Mrs. Fant-Priest co-supervises Pre-Service Training for those interested in becoming licensed foster and adoptive parents.  She has been a part of the Speakers’ Bureau since its inception. Mrs. Fant-Priest enjoys presenting and promoting the Mission of Children & Family Services in an informative and compelling manner.

Donna M. Salaam, M.Ed.Donna M. Salaam, M.Ed.

Supervsior, Direct Services Department

Mrs. Salaam began work with the Division of Children and Family Services in January of 1997, after obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Cleveland State University.  In 2010, she obtained her Master's Degree in Counseling from Cleveland State University.   Mrs. Salaam has worked in four different service areas of the agency prior to being promoted to supervisor.  She has been in Ongoing, Intake Sex Abuse, Case Review and S.T.A.R.T.  Currently she serves as a supervisor in Direct Services. 


Erika L. Gaiter, MSSAErika L. Gaiter, MSSA

Supervisor, Hotline

Ms. Erika Gaiter began work with the Division of Children and Family Services in January of 1990, after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Cleveland State University.  Ms. Gaiter began her career with the agency as a social worker in the ongoing department, and in 1994 she was promoted to supervisor in this area.  Her unit provided case management to families in need.  In 1994, she joined a specialized team the Sex Abuse Unit and for fifteen years she managed staff in the crisis unit and case management services.  In 2012 Ms. Gaiter was afforded the opportunity to attend Case Western Reserve University on a Fellowship through CCDCFS, she was also the Chairperson for the Human Trafficking Committee which served as her field project until she graduated in 2015.  Ms. Gaiter joined the Hotline Team in October 2016, she manages the Childcare Staff, Hotline Clerical and provides support to Hotline Supervisors.  This position gives her an opportunity to see the agency with a wider lens while providing assistance to Direct Service Staff and Families.

Illinois WilsonIllinois Wilson

Supervisor, Ongoing Family and Adult Services

Mr. Illinois Wilson III has been with the Division of Children and Family Services since 1984.  He is currently a supervisor and has been in this position since 1996.  He has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Cleveland State University.  Before he was a supervisor, he was a Case Worker and a Trainer.  Mr. Wilson and his wife are foster parents through Summit County Children Services.  He and his wife also have 3 children.



Illinois WilsonLenita Womack, MSSA

Resource Manager, Contracted Placements Department

Ms. Lenita Womack, a Contracted Placements Resource Manager has worked in the Child Welfare field since 1986.  Prior to her employment at the Cuyahoga County Division of Children & Family Services, Ms. Womack served on CCDCFS Advisory Board.  Ms. Womack has been with the Speakers’ Bureau since its inception.  In 2005, she received the Social Worker of the Year Award.   Ms. Womack has trained child care staff, parenting groups, and groups from schools and churches on child abuse and neglect. She is a trained spiritual, vigil volunteer and serves on the African American Outreach Committee with Hospice of the Western Reserve.  Ms. Womack is a life member of the NAACP.

Melanie MolzanMelanie Molzan

Child Protection Specialist, Hotline Department

Ms. Melanie Molzan graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree in Sociology and Philosophy and a minor in Criminal Justice. She began working at the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services in 2001. She spent six and a half years in an ongoing department doing case management and has been working on the 696-KIDS hotline ever since, taking calls regarding abuse, neglect, and dependency, responding to emergencies, and assessing the safety children.



Patrina Hollowell-Martin LSW, M.Ed Patrina Hollowell-Martin LSW, M.Ed

Child Centered Recruiter, Adoptions Department

Patrina Hollowell-Martin joined the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services in 1997.  She is a Child Centered Recruiter in the Adoptions department.   She holds a Bachelor’s degree (1997) in Social Work from The University of Toledo.  She also has her Master’s Degree in Education (2004) from Cleveland State University focusing on Elementary Education.   She has a teacher’s license for Pre-K through third grade.  She has participated in several committees at Children and Family Services including, strategic planning and policy creation.  Ms. Hollowell-Martin has assisted in teaching Foster Parent 101 Classes and has presented on Family-to-Family with the Casey Foundation in New York.  She joined the Speakers Bureau in 2014.  She has a genuine compassion for children and received the Adoption Advocate of the Year Award in 2012.  She continues to advocate on a daily basis for the well-being of children in every aspect of their lives.

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