Steps to Adoption

1. Pre-Service Training
  • 36 hours of training, divided into 12, 3 hour sessions. Course Descriptions
  • Classes are offered at a variety of locations/times around the county 7 times per year. Training Schedule
  • All spouses and live-in partners must attend training, however children are not allowed.
  • Training is good for 12 months.
  • Completing training does not certify for foster care/adoption, see below.

2. Application Submission
  • Applications are distributed and explained during the first Pre-Service session.
  • Application is to be completed and returned while attending Pre-Service.
  • When you submit your application and paperwork, one of our support staff will conduct a short interview, notarize your application and take fingerprints for your background check.
  • All household members over the age of 18 must have proper ID and be fingerprinted.

Father and Son3. The Home Study
  • Can take 4 to 6 months.
  • You will have a series of interviews and visits from the home study social worker (Adoption Assessor).
  • We must ensure that safety site regulations are met and a fire inspection conducted.
  • Many types of documentation, health records and income verifications, for example, must be submitted, according to Ohio Administrative Code.

4. The Approval
  • Once the home study is completed successfully, the family is approved and the search process can begin.

5. The Matching and Staffing Process
  • An Adoption Assessor and the child’s social worker will determine the current and future needs of the child waiting for a home.
  • One or more families will be selected who would best meet the long-term needs of the child(ren).
  • An introductory meeting will be arranged between the child(ren) and the prospective parents.

6. Presentation
  • The selected family will meet with the Adoption Assessor and the child’s social worker at the agency.
  • Information and pictures are shared with the family.
  • The family is given the opportunity take home information and talk to their families about adding a new family member.

7. Pre-Placement Visits
  • To aid in the transition, meet and greets are arranged between the child’s current family and potential adoptive family.
  • Meetings are held at both the potential adopter’s home and the child’s current home.
  • Visits usually increase from 1 hour to half a day, to a full day and eventually to weekend visits in the home of the new family.

8. Moving Day!
  • The big day arrives and the child(ren) move in with their new family.
  • Social workers can visit weekly to support the move and offer assistance and/or services.

9. Finalization
  • The family, the child(ren) and the social worker meet with the Judge/Magistrate to discuss details about the adoption.
  • Everyone gets to participate.
  • If everyone is in agreement the adoption is finalized.

10. Post Finalization
  • New families are offered services from the agency such as training classes, support groups and referrals to community agencies.