Support Services from DCFS

  1. Foster Care Reimbursement

    A check (referred to as board payment or per diem) is issued at the end of each month for the child’s care and needs. A foster care allowance is also provided to help meet with the child’s clothing needs as well as reimbursement for mileage and parking fees when transporting foster children to and from agency-authorized appointments. Reimbursement payments (up to 40 hours of required training of each recertification period) are available. All foster parents must meet their training requirement on time.

  2. Medical, Dental, Counseling and Therapy Needs

    These services are covered by CCDCFS and/or Medicaid for all children living in foster homes.

  3. Foster/Adoptive Support Groups

    The clusters are neighborhood based support groups supported by the agency and our neighborhood partners, facilitated by foster/adoptive parents to provide fellowship, support, respite, education, training and fun for families. Please call Shelley Brown at 216-561-5470 or or Susan Anda at 216-881-4705 or for more information about a cluster near you.

    The Family Care Association of Cuyahoga County is another support group comprised of a network of foster/adoptive families. For more information about becoming a member, please contact Dorothy Hart, Association President at (216) 390-0539 or

  4. High Quality Training

    The agency offers foster parents high quality training in order to enhance their skills and knowledge needed for the application process. See more about

  5. Pre-Placement Adoption Services

    Once a prospective match is made, a plan is developed consisting of visitation dates for the child(ren) and family. Workshops provide subsidy information to families.

  6. Post-Placement Adoption Services

    Adoption subsidies are available for most children with special needs or circumstances.

Community support is also available to all of our families through our 14 Neighborhood Partners located throughout Cuyahoga County.