TAGyc - Teen Advocate Group (TAG) Youth Council

Mission Statement
The mission of the Teen Advocate Group is to provide teens more choices for successful living by increasing communication between teen and worker and empowering teens to speak up and out about their experiences. This will be achieved through activities, resources, support, education, advocacy, and connections. We believe the most important decision start with the most important people, teens. We also believe when teens make a difference, they make a change.

Vision Statement
All teens in care along with staff, administration, and community partners are aware of Youth Council and utilize it as a means of connecting and advocating for opportunities, change and normalcy in order to empower and encourage youth who experience out of care placements to actively participate in the planning of their lives.

What is the TAGyc?
The Teen Advocate Group is an association of teens that are or have been in out-of-home care working to advocate for change while addressing the needs of teens and young adults.

What does TAGyc do?
  • Advocate and support teens and their basic rights.
  • Plan, organize, and participate in panels and forums for staff, training visitors, and community partners.
  • Work in partnership with Family to Family Initiative.
  • Plan activities for teens to enhance and forge healthy relationships and provide opportunities for socializing, empowerment, engagement, and growth.
  • Coordinate efforts with other youth councils in Ohio.
  • Work with staff, community partners, and foster parents to educate staff on the various issues needed, and experiences of teens.

How do I find out more information about the TAGyc?
Contact TAGyc directly at either (216) 881-3061, (216) 881-5528, (216) 881-5583 or
Email: teenadvocategroup@odjfs.state.oh.us

The Teen Advocate Group, Youth Council of Department of Children & Family Services provides support, encouragement, and a voice for teens. We work with teens, staff, and our community partners to address the changing needs of teens in care and those aging out.