Talishia - Birthdate: February 2003

Talishia is happy, inquisitive, and described as having a smile that can light up a room. She loves interacting and playing with her siblings and others. Talishia strives not to let her disabilities stop her from being a normal kid and does her best to do anything any other child can. While she is in a wheelchair, she loves to do as much as she can with the other kids!

Talishia’s favorite things include playing with dolls and mega-blocks, coloring, playing games with other kids and watching movies. During visits with her siblings, she loves when her brothers play with her, and likes to throw a ball with them. Talishia is always very grateful for the opportunities to go out and do things with her siblings. She always says please and thank you and shows excitement when she’s getting picked up! She is very friendly and will talk to anyone who will listen.

Talishia is part of a large sibling group. Talishia has three older sisters. One lives on her own, and two are being adopted by their foster parents. She also has three younger brothers named Michael, Jamon, and Jamarion, who have a photolisting on the AdoptUSKids website (SZH188128). These four children want to be together, but we have not yet found one family for all four children. It is possible to keep all four siblings together, or to adopt only Talishia. If Talishia is adopted separately from the boys, our hope would be that any family considering these her would also support and encourage a relationship with her brothers and sisters.

These siblings are a joy to be around, care for each other and are bonded well with each other. They each have their own individual personalities, strengths and needs. They are all very bonded with their current parents and each other.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Tanisha Barry or Molly Woods, Recruiter
Telephone: (216) 881-2216 or (330) 928-00447
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