Tianna - Birthdate: May 2005

Tianna is intelligent, observant, and typically quiet and soft spoken although she has a very quirky sense of humor. She jokingly describes herself as "a genius". She is a very good student and gets along well with both adults and peers. Tianna has shared that she would like to be a Scientist or a Doctor when she grows up. She reported that she couldn't be a surgeon because she "would throw up" at the sight of blood.

Tianna loves to watch the news, read books, writing, and play Minecraft. She also likes riding her bike and playing outside. When asked if she has a favorite food she declared, "I can't think of anything.” Tianna likes being helpful but acknowledges her promptness in completing a chore depends on which chore she has been assigned.

Tianna needs a family that will help her express her thoughts and feelings openly while assisting her with feeling safe and secure while doing so.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Regina Dye
Telephone: (216) 561-5421
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