Tyrese - Birthdate: April 2002

Tyrese is a helpful and generous young adult. Tyrese can be a very kind and warm individual once he starts to feel comfortable and secure within a relationship. He enjoys playing his video games and hanging out with friends. He enjoys structured activities with small groups. He loves going out to eat at some of his favorite restaurants and loves going on vacation.

Tyrese is very independent and enjoys time to himself. He is working on his emotional issues to get along better with others. Tyrese has attachment to his siblings and his current foster family. Tyrese needs activities that might help increase him self-esteem and provide different opportunities for positive peer interaction. He can be very personable once he gets to know you. Tyrese can be reserved when meeting new people but will warm up once he establishes a rapport.

He will need a patient and compassionate parenting style to help him transition during this adjustment and attachment period.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Jameca Stewart-Fuller
Telephone: (216) 881-4977
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