Tyshawn - Birthdate: January 2003

Tyshawn is a very handsome young man with a smile that lights up a room! He is athletic and loves playing all kinds of sports, especially basketball and baseball. He hopes to eventually play on high school teams. Tyshawn loves video games, and like most teens can be very content playing for hours. It takes time for him to become comfortable with new people as he needs a long time to develop a relationship and form trust with others. Once he does, Tyshawn is a pleasure to spend time with. He is very loyal to those that he has relationships with and with whom he trusts.

Tyshawn is challenged in school and requires a lot of interventions to be successful. He has good goals for himself but needs a family to support him in reaching them. Tyshawn needs a family that will be very structured and be a strong educational advocate for him. He can thrive with the unconditional love and commitment of a forever family.

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Stephanie Novak, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter or Cheryl VanDyke
Telephone: (330) 802-3418 or (216) 881-5473
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