What We Believe

The Division of Children and Family Services has been protecting abused and neglected children in Cuyahoga County for more than 100 years.

To assure that children at risk of abuse and neglect are protected and nurtured within a family and with the support of the community.

To improve the lives of children as a result of our attention, care and support.

  • Safety, permanency and well-being of children
  • Urgency
  • Family connections
  • Youth voice
  • Strong partnerships
  • Inclusion
  • Respect for each other

What We Believe The Work We Strive to Do Desired Outcomes for Children and Families
We believe children belong safely with their families. We send children home when it's safe to do so. Children are safe and stable with their family.
We believe children deserve the best possible individualized care when they cannot be safe in their own homes. We find families for children, not children for families. Children are placed with a foster or adoptive family that meets their individual needs.
We believe children and families get the best possible services when we engage with them on a regular basis. We have frequent quality contact with children and their families to help ensure their safety, permanency, and well-being. Children and their caregivers receive regular intervention and support when we have a reason to be involved in their lives.
We believe children and their families need community resources at their fingertips when times get tough.  We facilitate timely connections to available resources for kids and families. Children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or trauma receive the support of the community and their families to prevent future abuse and neglect.
We believe children and the community rely on our response to protect children. We ensure our screening process is fair to families and focused on child safety. Children have a sense of security that adults will not harm or mistreat them in the future.