What is Foster Care?

What is foster care?
  • A protective service for children and families.
  • Full-time, typically temporary care of children
  • Results in family reunification or permanent (adoptive) home for the child.

Who are the children needing foster care?
  • Cases of physical abuse, neglect or abandonment; or due to their parent(s) being in jail or hospitalized.
  • All ages, race and cultures.
  • Some may have physical, developmental delays, emotional and/or behavioral issues.
  • Many have experienced extreme trauma and deprivation.

Foster ChildWhat do foster parents do?
  • Provide basic daily care and supervision.
  • Act in the place of the parent, making sure all needs are met.
  • Take children to medical and therapy appointments.
  • Apply non-physical discipline techniques that are fair and age appropriate.
  • Advocate for the child, participate in CFS meetings.
  • Support children in the visitation plan.
  • Supports either reunification or an alternate plan.
  • Stay up-to-date on training.
  • Respect the culture, race and background of the children and their families.

What are the requirements?
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Sufficient income to meet their own basic needs.
  • Good physical, emotional and mental health.
  • Single or part of a couple who have had a stable relationship for at least 1 year.
  • No educational or religious requirements and home ownership is not necessary.

Is there help to foster?
  • Daily board rate as a reimbursement of expenses from the agency.
  • Monthly clothing allowance.
  • A medical card is provided for medical, dental and therapeutic services.
  • Mileage reimbursement is provided for necessary travel of our children.
  • Support groups, scheduled visits and 24-hour access to the agency are examples of the wide range of supportive services available to the foster home.

What are the next steps to begin the process to be licensed as a foster parent/family?
Prior to Placement Requirements
  • Additional training entitled Foster Parent 101. A 6-hour class covering issues required by law.

Steps to Family Foster Care