Adoptable Kids

I am Miss Creativity! I love reading books, coloring, and making crafts. 

I'm Amber, and I hope to find a family who will show me commitment, love, patience and understanding.

I am just like all the other boys. I love to run, jump, climb and play. I like to read too, Naruto books are my favorite right now.

Anthony C.
I am very athletic and I like to play basketball and football.


Anthony H.
Anthony is a very charming, friendly and likeable young man.

Antwon & Antwonet
Antwonet and Antwon are like two peas in a pod. They both have outgoing personalities and enjoy everything in the moment.

Christopher (CJ)
Christopher (“CJ”) is a very friendly young man who enjoys spending time with friends, playing football and playing video games.

Damon is a good looking, friendly young man. He is small for his age and is always on the go.


Davionte prefers to be called DJ. DJ enjoys sports very much. He especially enjoys playing basketball at his community rec center.

Deanna, Dequarius & Shermon
These children are separated and what they want most in life is to be back together. Are you the family to help them with their greatest wish?

Hello, my name is Diamond. I enjoy coloring, singing, completing art projects, and playing outside with my friends.

There is a lot that I want to do when I grow up. I love to entertain and make people laugh!


I feel that I know me better than anyone else. Sometimes I have different opinions...

I'd like to think of myself as a creative! I try my best to give 100% to everything I do.

Hi, my name is Isaiah. I want everyone to know that I am a funny guy... and like to have fun outdoors too.

Hi! I'm Jamall! Want to know a few things about me? I'm happy to tell you!


Hello, my name is Jerry. You'll usually find me spending time with my friends, playing video games and being outside.

My name is Joseph but I like for people to call me Joey. I enjoy doing puzzles and playing with Legos.

I love gaming, especially any sports video games. I can spend as much time as possible perfecting my scores if you let me!

Kenneth has a great smile and can be very articulate. He is very talkative and not shy.


My name is Kevisha and I often speak my mind and say what I am thinking. I'm very smart, athletic, and outgoing.

I've been told that I have a beautiful smile that lights up the room. I love hanging out with my friends.

Hi, I'm Lillee. I have heard my friends say that I am fun, loving and caring.

I'm Marquise and I love going fishing and being outside. I also like drawing, playing basketball and other sports.


My name is Michael and I like to play all sports especially football. I like making new friends...

Nautica has been described as a “loveable, caring, intelligent, young lady who wants to be loved”.

Peter has a vibrant smile that lights up a room. Peter can academically do well in school and is articulate.

I'm Presley and I would like to be adopted one day. I think I would be a good fit for a family.


Raquel is an intelligent, insightful and articulate young lady who plans to be an actress on the big screen one day.

Hi, my name is Tanelly. I want you to know that I am good at baseball and basketball.



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