All Cuyahoga County Executive departments and agencies, with the exception of some public safety and emergency offices, will be closed Friday, December 26, 2014. Please use our contact list to check if the agency/department you are trying to reach is open on December 26.

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Contact Information

24 Hour Child Abuse Hotline
All reports of child abuse and neglect
should be made to:
(216) 696-KIDS

Customer Service
(216) 432-CARE
(216) 432-5047 (FAX)
Foster Care & Adoption Recruitment
(216) 881-5775

Non-Emergency Correspondence
(216) 431-4500*
Toll Free Number: 1-800-321-0322*
(216) 432-5047 (FAX)*

*For non-emergencies only.

Fairfax Neighborhood
Family Service Center
8111 Quincy Place, 4th Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44104

6600 Lexington
Cleveland, Ohio 44103
(216) 391-7467 (FAX)

Jane Edna Hunter
3955 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
(216) 431-4500
  Old Brooklyn
4261 Fulton Parkway
Cleveland, Ohio 44144  

If you need assistance with any of the services listed below, please contact the Department of Employment and Family Services at (216) 987-7000 or (216) 987-7899.

  • Ohio Works First/Cash Assistance
  • Food Assistance
  • Emergency Cash or PRC (Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program)
  • Healthy Start/Healthy Families
  • Medicaid for the aged, blind and disabled
  • Child care assistance programs
  • Child care certification
  • Services to assist families in achieving employment