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Getting Involved

The Community Collaborative Effort
Woman and ChildBecause we know that moves hurt children, the recruitment department collaborates with 14 neighborhood partners to recruit foster/adoptive families. Foster/adoptive families are recruited throughout communities that children are removed from. This is in effort so that child(ren) can remain close to their schools, friends, place of worship and other supportive services which are familiar to them. As a team we have participated in community fairs, special programs and neighborhood literature drops within the 14 communities to recruit families and to keep children in their own community.

Foster-ware & Adopt-a-ware Parties

What is a Foster-ware/Adopt-a-ware Party?
It is an informal get together with at least two or more of your selected friends/family. House parties are designed to have fun, learn about Family to Family and learn more about foster care and adoption.

Cuyahoga County Department of Children & Family Services will provide: A guest list, Games and gifts (including gift for the hostess), Refreshments (amount undetermined) & Name tags

Resource Families need to provide: Your home, a small table and your enthusiasm. A list of family, friend, neighbors or those whom you believe would make a good foster/adoptive family.

These functions are one of many recruitment tools utilized throughout the year by our Recruitment Department. Our monthly statistics show that our existing resource families are our best referral source. Along with foster-ware and adopt-a-ware parties, we also provide each newly licensed/approved family with a welcome basket and have instituted an Incentive Referral program for our resource families who refer others to become a resource family. For more information or to refer a family to schedule a party, please contact the Recruitment Department at 216-881-5775.