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Heart Gallery

The Cuyahoga County Moving Hearts Gallery is a traveling exhibit with beautiful photographs of great kids who are waiting to be adopted. Click here to view photos from the Heart Gallery. Click here to view the Moving Heart Gallery schedule.

Moving Hearts Gallery

The Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Service (CCDCFS) and Adoption Network Cleveland have partnered to bring you a wonderful photographic exhibit to warm your heart and move you to action.

CCDCFS is Ohio's largest child welfare agency. Our mission is to assure that children at risk of abuse or neglect are protected and nurtured within a family and with the support of the community.

For More Information on Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent, please Click Here or call 216-881-5775.

Adoption Network Cleveland is a non-profit organization providing support, education and advocacy for adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents, foster parents and youth, foster care alumni and related professionals.

To learn more about the Adoption Network Cleveland, please contact 216-325-1000 or visit

"Together we embrace the vision of every child in a safe, supportive, stable and loving family."

The Gallery showcases the character, warmth and charm of children whose special need is that they don't have a family to call their own.

The children you will see in this gallery are older and some are here with their siblings and need to be adopted together. These children and others like them have been waiting for a permanent family with whom to love, laugh and grow. They want what every child wants: structure, safety, love and the knowledge that no matter what, with you, they have found home and family. Let your heart be moved by our children and then perhaps move you to action.

The Heart Gallery concept was founded by the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department in 2001. Since then, thanks to the hard work of hundreds of volunteers around the country and the generosity of many individuals and organizations, the idea continues to grow. Heart Galleries have been featured in People, the NY Times, The Christian Science Monitor; on MSNBC, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, and the Today Show.

Cuyahoga County's Heart Gallery is displayed throughout the community. Please see the Moving Heart Gallery schedule for the next location.

Foster Care
Foster Care is a stable, loving and structured home to meet the child's or children's physical, mental and emotional needs until they can return home. The primary goal of foster care is family reunification. Foster parenting is not a lifetime commitment, however children who become available for adoption are often adopted by their foster parents. Relatives can become licensed foster parents.

Adoption is pursued when a child cannot return to their birth family for various safety reasons. A family that has successfully completed a study of their home is matched with a child or children waiting for a permanent family. Sometimes these adoptive families are relatives of the child. The court then transfers all of the legal rights and obligations for the child to the newly approved adoptive family. Heart Gallery

Mentoring is a responsible adult volunteer connecting with or helping a youth transition to adulthood successfully, who might otherwise be alone in facing the prospect of aging out of foster care without a permanent family. Adoption Network Cleveland's mentors, termed "permanency champions," can be involved in monthly outings with a youth as well as one-on-one interactions to discuss future goals and life challenges.

Volunteering is another way to make an impact on youth in foster care. To find out the different opportunities available for you to make a difference, please contact Kristin Gardner, Outreach Coordinator for CCDCFS at 216-881-5301 or

For more information about becoming a licensed foster /adoptive parent, please contact: 216‑881‑5775

Download a pdf of the the Moving Hearts Gallery brochure.