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Support Groups

Do you often feel you face challenges parenting your foster, adoptive or biological child or children? Are you met with foster/adoptive parenting questions that go unanswered? How often do you feel like you’re parenting without any support? Do you wish you could find someone to help you answer questions, find the solutions and offer support?  Well, you can!

You can find support within the Cuyahoga County Cluster Support Group.

Support GroupThe Cluster support group encourages communication between Children and Family Services, foster and adoptive families and biological families. The Cluster support group offers opportunities for families to learn about each other solve problems, make decisions as a group, offer empathy, relationship building and advocacy skills.

By attending a cluster or support group you can offer or receive respite opportunities among members, learn about resources that may be helpful in parenting biological, adoptive and foster children.

Other advantages for attending or joining a cluster group include earning training hours toward licensure, obtaining leadership skills and being provided with a safe and non-judgmental confidential outlet, for sharing among your peers who have similar experiences.

If you are still unsure... you might be interested in knowing that the cluster groups offer new ways of parenting, promoting self-help skills and behaviors that are effective in dealing with problems, stress, hardship and pain.

There are also cluster groups that specialize in Teens, Special Needs and Adoption.

For more information on how you can join a cluster group in your area, contact Lisa Stevens-Cutner at 216-432-3506.  We’d love to hear from you!

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