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What Every Child Needs... Family

Foster Care

Foster Care is a protective service for children and families. It is the full-time, though temporary, care of children until their parents can resume their responsibility or if necessary until a permanent (adoptive) home can be found for them.


Adoption is the permanent, legal transfer of all parental rights and responsibilities from one family to another family. Adoptive parents have the same rights and responsibilities as parents whose children are born to them. It is the first step to a lifelong commitment of sharing your life with a child who is in need of a family that will keep him/her safe.

Consider Becoming a Foster and Adoptive Parent:

You can make a difference in a child's life by becoming a foster and adoptive parent. The need is great in our community for safe, loving homes where children can grow and develop. Our goal is to place kids in a stable setting as soon as possible. Every child deserves a family.

For more information about Foster and/or Adoption, please call: 216‑881‑5775