Children of the Month - Stephen

Birthdate: March 2004 

child in room smiling at cameraDo you love technology and teens? Well, Meet Stephen! He is thirteen year old male who loves technology. Whether it is a computer or an apple watch, Stephen is intrigued by the capabilities of these devices. Stephen enjoys playing video games and hopes to become a software developer after he graduates from college. He enjoys adventure and sports games because it allows him to perform activities that are limited for a child who uses a wheelchair. Although Stephen has used a wheelchair for many years, he is able to stand and take steps. Stephen refuses to let his disability define who he is as a person. He is much more focused on what he can do.

Stephen was adopted as a toddler and lost his adoptive mother due to health issues. So, he may appear to be shy and reserved during your first meeting. He may also use a fidget spinner to reduce feelings of nervousness or anticipation. Stephen was loved and nurtured in his adoptive home and still needs time to adjust to the loss. It is important for his new adoptive family to understand that despite his obvious sadness, he wants a family again. Academically, Stephen will need additional assistance due to days of missed instruction due to spinal surgery. Stephen is very bright and enjoys school. At school, he is focused and eager to learn. He is very bonded to his adult sisters and continued contact is recommended.

For more information, contact:

Agency: Cuyahoga County DCFS
Contact: Marcia Webb or Sandy Perciak 
Telephone: (216) 881-2649 or (216) 881-4055

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